Posted by on August 29, 2018

How to Write Your Own Content

Six Quick Tips and Tricks

Typewriter. Credit: Milkovi.Maybe you’re on a tight budget. Maybe you’re short on time. Or maybe you’re a good writer. There are many very reasonable reasons why you might not want to hire a copywriter. For those of you planning to write your own copy, here are six tips and tricks you can use to create content like a pro.

Just Write

If you’re having trouble getting started, just write what you want your reader to know in plain language. Don’t even worry about writing in complete or grammatically correct sentences. By getting your thoughts onto paper or into your word processor, however incomplete or messy, you’re giving yourself something to work with and to build on. Think of it as a lump of clay to a potter. It’s often easier to refine your ideas when they’re in front of you.

Recruit Two Readers

Built-in spellcheckers do a great job of catching obvious typos and misspellings, but they are notoriously bad at catching misused words and softer aspects of style. Recruit two friends, employees, or colleagues to read through your copy. Why two instead of one? Different readers will catch different mistakes.

If you want a deeper edit, we also recommend using online editing software such as ProWritingAid, Hemingway, or Grammarly.

Walk Away

One of the best things you can do before hitting ‘publish’ is walking away for a few days. As you write, whether you’re writing a comic book or advertising copy, you become too familiar with what you’re writing. This makes it more difficult to see typos, grammatical errors, and other style-related issues. We recommend leaving at least a day between writing your copy and editing it, more if you have time.

Know Your Product

“Well, duh,” you say. We know you know what you’re selling. But do you know what makes your product or service desirable to your existing and potential customers? As the creator of your product or service, what you consider to be its best selling points may not align with what your customers think about your product. Ask your existing users, beta users, or clients for their insight. This will help you focus on the features that matter most.

Keep it Brief, Keep it Simple

If you have created a product, service, or business, you know that product, service, or business like the back of your hand. You might think this would make it easier to describe what you offer or what you do, but it may actually make the task more difficult. This may also tempt you to write a long treatise to describe your product in fine detail. Resist this temptation. Keep your descriptions brief and try to avoid belaboring your point. You have a short period of time to tell a potential client what you offer and why your offer is superior to others.

Now go out and get your content on! And if you have any questions, let us know by sending us a quick message. We’d love to help.